VG2D Pharma at the Innovact Afterwork in Reims, France

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On April 12, 2023, the city of Reims, steeped in history, became a hub of modern innovation as it hosted the Innovact Afterwork. The event was a magnet for pioneers in the innovation sector.

VG2D Pharma: Engaging and Exploring

The VG2D Pharma team seized this opportunity to engage with fellow innovators, discussing the latest trends and exploring potential collaborations. The atmosphere was buzzing with new ideas and networking opportunities.

Special Insights: BPI and Grand Est

Representatives from BPI and the Grand Est region shared invaluable insights on supporting innovative projects. Their presence added depth to the event, highlighting the regional commitment to innovation.

Meeting Ground: Innovact Incubates

VG2D Pharma’s interaction with the Innovact incubates hinted at exciting future partnerships, further solidifying the event’s significance in promoting healthcare advancements.

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