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This Cookie Policy provides details on the usage and purpose of cookies at, a section of the VG2D Pharma Global website (“the Website”). The Website is managed by VG2D Pharma S.A., a corporation registered in France, located at 2 avenue Robert Schuman, 51100 Reims.

  1. Scope: This Cookie Policy is relevant to all webpages encompassed within the Website.

  2. Data Handling: Any personal data harvested by VG2D Pharma through cookies will be handled in alignment with the Privacy Policy found on the website.

  3. Managing Cookies: To adjust or review your cookie preferences, navigate to the Privacy Preference Center, conveniently available at the footer of every page on this Website.

  4. Updates: We might periodically revise this Cookie Policy. Should there be significant alterations, we will make sure to notify you prominently on the Website.

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