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We Use Patients' Insights to Foster better Ideas for Healthcare

About us

Dedicated to revolutionizing patient care in severe diseases.

Empowering Patients Through Innovation

We are a team of patient-centric entrepreneurs, scientists and academic researchers who are passionate about bringing new solutions to patients suffering from severe diseases and increasing access to treatment for life threatening conditions.

Our aspiration for VG2D Pharma is to develop breakthrough solutions combining efficacy, tolerability and easier access to treatment with the goal to empower patients and help them live a longer and better life.

Our offices are located in Reims, France.

Leaders in Innovation

Founding and Management Team

Dr. Imane Wild, CEO — PhD, MBA

Imane brings an international experience in leading strategies, operations, business development, R&D, and medical affairs activities with drugs and devices.

She held various leadership positions at local, regional, and global levels and has a deep understanding of the ecosystems of healthcare and patients’ unmet needs.

Dr. Frédéric Velard, CSO Biologics — PhD

Dr Velard worked for more than 12 years in the field of CF.  He is renowned for pioneering break throughs in cystic fibrosis related bone disease research. His tenure at leading research institutions has positioned him as a thought leader in the field.

At VG2D Pharma, he spearheads the R&D initiatives, ensuring that the company’s vision aligns with its cutting-edge scientific advancements.

Prof. Stéphane Gerard, CSO Chemistry — PhD

Stéphane’s expertise in medicinal chemistry and drug design plays a foundational role in the VG2D Pharma discovery and innovation in cystic fibrosis. His extensive knowledge and experience  in «hit to lead» strategies guides VG2D Pharma’s mission to address patients’ unmet needs in severe diseases.

Stéphane has also a track record in regulatory and commercial strategies making him a cornerstone of our R&D.


"Harness Scientific Innovation For A Better Health For Everyone."

Our mission underscores everything we do. From the early stages of research to the release of each breakthrough treatment, our focus is always on improving healthcare standards universally.


"A better health, A better world."

Our vision is broad yet simple. We believe in a world where health challenges and access to treatment (or lack of thereof) should not limit a person’s potential, we believe in a world where everyone has access to the best healthcare possibilities available. And we areat the forefront, driving the innovations to make this vision a reality.


Severe and life-threatening diseases and their impact on patients is what fuels our innovative approach. We keep asking ourselves: what if these diseases could be treated differently?


In intention, approach, and action. A team that thrives on a culture rooted in simplicity and proximity with patients and their needs.


It is not only a regulatory requirement for us but a culture. Transparency breeds trust and trust is invaluable when it comes to defeating life-threatening diseases.


Our passion for science, medicine, and the well-being of patients is what brings our mission to life. It drives us to engage wholeheartedly in seeking innovative and accessible solutions for patients.      

What Guides Us

Our Core Values

Every endeavor we undertake, every decision we make, is deeply rooted in our core values. Here’s a closer look at the values that inspire and drive us every day.


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